2020-01-31 Nick BowlerImprove incremental builds with unmodified GOB headers. master
2020-01-31 Nick BowlerImprove GOB rebuild rules for VPATH builds.
2020-01-31 Nick BowlerFix VPATH builds from clean checkout.
2020-01-31 Nick BowlerInitial Engine.Mesh implementation.
2020-01-31 Nick BowlerEnsure object property references are released.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerUse GLib detection macros from dxcommon.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerMake GOB2 optional.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerFix missing files in distribution tarballs.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerFix build with more recent libmodplug.
2019-02-27 Nick BowlerUse dxcommon version of the packing library.
2015-04-30 Nick BowlerFix silent-rules alignment in recent Automake.
2015-04-30 Nick BowlerFix bootstrapping with recent bits.
2012-07-13 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Kill upkg_export_class.
2012-07-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Pass the UPkg module struct into package_info.
2012-05-21 Nick Bowleruobject: Make module loader understand exports/imports.
2012-05-20 Nick Bowleruobject: Make logging more generic.
2012-05-20 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add some error checking around upkg_export_get_class.
2012-05-20 Nick Bowlerengine: Implement Engine.Sound.
2012-05-20 Nick Bowlermusic: Check data size against actual file size.
2012-05-20 Nick Bowlerupkg: In info mode, don't fail outright if object load...
2012-05-20 Nick Bowleruobject: Add support for float properties.
2012-05-19 Nick Bowleruobject: Improve error handling in property decoding.
2012-05-19 Nick Bowleruobject: Initial support for object imports.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for listing package imports.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerupkg: Only print object properties if they are non...
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Make export parent handling match imports.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Use parent pointers for imports.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowleruobject: Include package names in package fullname.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowleruobject: Make the relevant UPkg available to objects.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerupkg: Use proper library routines in package_export.
2012-05-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Don't store upkg_priv pointer in struct upkg_file.
2012-05-15 Nick Bowlerlibuobject: Store hierarchical object names for UObjects.
2012-05-15 Nick Bowleruobject: Add support for decoding boolean properties.
2012-05-14 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Store export parent pointers directly.
2012-05-12 Nick Bowlerupkg: Display object names in property listings.
2012-05-12 Nick Bowlerbuild: Enable Gnulib conditional-dependencies. uobject
2012-05-12 Nick Bowlerbuild: Punt BUNDLED_LIBLDTL conditional.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerengine: Fix off-by-one in PCX run-length encoder.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerengine: Add a unit test for the PCX run-length encoder.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Fix minor type error in decodeindex test.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Make decodeindex test accept an empty string.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Actually fail if the index-decode test fails...
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Fix makefile rules for decode-index test program.
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Non-recursively build the rest of the package.
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerbuild: Integrate libltdl non-recursively using fix...
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerengine: Add missing header to Makefile.am
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerbuild: Integrate Gnulib non-recursively using fix-gnulib.
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlergnulib: Update to latest version.
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlermisc: Fix up paths in top-level .gitignore.
2012-05-09 Nick Bowleruobject: First stab at a generic logging mechanism.
2012-05-08 Nick Bowlertexture: Add initial support for texture exports.
2012-05-08 Nick Bowlerupkg: Improve messaging a bit.
2012-05-08 Nick Bowleruobject: Overhaul the UObject property decoding code.
2012-05-08 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print out object file offsets at high verbosity...
2012-05-08 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Add const qualifier to upkg_decode_index input...
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerdocs: Add a README
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Fix spurious success in upkg_decode_index.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlertests: Test some corner cases of upkg_decode_index.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlermusic: Fix obvious use of uninitialized variable.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerupkg: Fix missing return statement.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for exporting individual objects.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerpalette: Clean up deserialize a bit.
2011-03-29 Nick Bowlerupkg: Handle errors from u_object_export_name.
2011-03-29 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print full object name when exporting.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerlicense: Make autotools stuff available under WTFPL2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowleruobject: Make interface functions take UObjects directly.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlermusic: Migrate to GOB2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowleruobject: Rename some interface-related identifiers.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlertexture: Migrate to GOB2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerengine: Start using GOB2 to generate GObject classes.
2011-03-25 Nick Bowlerengine: Include object headers as <engine/xyz.h>.
2011-03-25 Nick Bowleruobject: Rename U_OBJECT_TYPE to U_TYPE_OBJECT.
2011-03-23 Nick Bowleruobject: Add initial support for object properties.
2011-03-22 Nick Bowlertexture: Add missing integer properties.
2011-03-22 Nick Bowleruobject: Add a helper function to load objects from...
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print object properties in info mode.
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlertexture: Fix typo in get_property.
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print class name in listings.
2011-03-18 Nick Bowlerengine: Implement Engine.Palette.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add an option to list packages.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerlicense: Update copyright notices.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for querying specific objects.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Embed struct upkg into the private structure.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Don't access upkg_file's pkg member.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlermusic: Remove file member from private struct.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Remove the file parameter from deserialize.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Remove pkg_idx field.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Rename autogen.sh to bootstrap.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Use autoreconf for bootstrapping.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Import libmodplug test macros from autoconf-dx.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Add missing header to Makefile.am.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Split the upkg_export struct into public/priva...
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Resolve hierarchical object references.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Make upkg_export_find less useless.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Simplify handling of format assertions.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for controlling which package is...
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerupkg: Improve error reporting during package load.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlergnulib: Update to latest version.
2010-07-07 Nick Bowlerupkg: Update man page.
2010-07-07 Nick Bowlerengine: Define the exit method.