libupkg: Make decodeindex test accept an empty string.
[upkg.git] /
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Non-recursively build the rest of the package.
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerbuild: Integrate libltdl non-recursively using fix...
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerbuild: Integrate Gnulib non-recursively using fix-gnulib.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerlicense: Make autotools stuff available under WTFPL2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerengine: Start using GOB2 to generate GObject classes.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Import libmodplug test macros from autoconf-dx.
2010-02-03 Nick Bowlerbuild: Abort configure if specified module library...
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerlicense: Add permissive license to build related source...
2009-08-28 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add libuobject.pc
2009-07-19 Nick Bowleruobject: Split uobject stuff into its own library.
2009-07-19 Nick Bowlerconfigure: Implement glib checking macro that actually...
2009-07-16 Nick Bowlerbuild: Use automake silent rules.
2009-07-14 Nick BowlerImplement support for libmodplug in Engine.Music.
2009-07-10 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add gnulib getopt_long support and implement...
2009-06-09 Nick BowlerAdd libltdl.
2009-06-09 Nick BowlerInitial UObject implementation plus a dumb music extractor.
2009-06-08 Nick BowlerMove stuff into a separate source directory.
2009-06-05 Nick BowlerInitial commit