2021-02-25 Nick BowlerAdd editing rules for awk. master
2020-06-26 Nick BowlerLoad ruby syntax in "after"
2017-12-01 Nick BowlerEnsure correct filetype on neomutt.
2017-08-29 Nick BowlerRemove ftplugin/gob.vim.
2017-04-29 Nick BowlerBunch o indent rules.
2013-12-14 Nick BowlerFind and load cscope databases.
2012-02-03 Nick BowlerTighten constraints on line when restoring last file...
2012-01-26 Nick BowlerFix cursor position when using colemak.
2011-03-24 Nick BowlerDon't force rxvt-unicode to 256 colours.
2011-03-24 Nick BowlerDon't assume .txt files are asciidoc.
2011-03-24 Nick BowlerAdd gob2 syntax highlighting rules.
2011-02-28 Nick BowlerImport xf86conf syntax rules from vim hg.
2011-01-18 Nick BowlerEnable syntax highlighting by default.
2010-11-13 Nick BowlerSet timeoutlen to 100.
2010-10-07 Nick BowlerUse tex highlighting for .cls files.
2010-10-07 Nick BowlerAdd plaintex syntax rules.
2010-10-06 Nick BowlerAdd langmap support for Colemak.
2010-09-10 Nick BowlerAdd filetype rules for zsh config files.
2010-08-18 Nick BowlerAdd GLSL syntax highlighting.
2010-08-18 Nick Bowlervimrc: Don't use setf.
2010-08-18 Nick Bowlervimrc: Enable auto-indent.
2010-03-08 Nick BowlerIgnore some stuff.
2010-03-04 Nick BowlerInitial commit