2009-05-12 Nick BowlerUpdate .gitignore. master
2009-05-12 Nick BowlerAdd INSTALL.
2009-04-21 Nick BowlerInclude aspectbin.h in the glade_simple example.
2009-03-23 Nick BowlerAdd an example program which uses glade.
2009-03-23 Nick BowlerAdd support for libglade when directly linking.
2009-03-23 Nick BowlerUpdate simplebuttons example.
2009-03-22 Nick BowlerAdd aspect ratio property.
2009-03-22 Nick BowlerAdd support for libglade.
2009-03-22 Nick BowlerRename Glade UI support stuff.
2009-03-21 Nick BowlerMake --with-glade actually work.
2009-03-21 Nick BowlerAdd glade UI icons.
2009-03-19 Nick BowlerUpdate DIST_FIND_MATCH to support lib32/lib64.
2009-03-19 Nick BowlerRemove --force from as it makes things slower.
2009-03-19 Nick BowlerAdd support for installing glade files.
2009-03-19 Nick BowlerAvoid use of test -z in PKG_CHECK_VAR.
2009-03-18 Nick BowlerRespect environment variables for PKG_CHECK_VAR.
2009-03-18 Nick BowlerAdd check for glade catalog/module directories.
2009-03-17 Nick BowlerAdd an autoconf macro for dealing with pkg-config varia...
2009-03-16 Nick BowlerAdd a configure option to control glade support.
2009-03-16 Nick BowlerDo not compile and install the example programs.
2009-03-16 Nick BowlerFix omissions from's.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd a short readme.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd copyright and license information.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerCreate an examples subdirectory.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerSwitch to autotools for building.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerMake constrain play a bit better with y-positioning...
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd separate align properties for the body and side.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd fill property.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd functions to get the body/side children.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd initial support for glade.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerAdd constrain as a GObject property.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerImplement container's add method.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerImplement container's child_type method.
2009-03-15 Nick BowlerMake AspectBin a direct subclass of container.
2009-03-14 Nick BowlerRename the "child" member to "body" for less confusion.
2009-03-14 Nick BowlerAdd height constraining and positioning options.
2009-03-14 Nick BowlerInitial Commit