zshrc: Improve keymap setup.
[zshconf.git] / zshrc
2018-10-03 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Improve keymap setup. master
2017-04-01 Nick BowlerUnfuck ls alias.
2011-09-14 Nick BowlerEnable extended globs by default.
2011-07-21 Nick BowlerAdd common aliases to global zshrc.
2011-06-03 Nick BowlerFix key bindings for things like xterm-256color.
2011-01-28 Nick BowlerFix up zshrc for TERM=rxvt-unicode-256color
2011-01-25 Nick BowlerAdd bindings for cygwin.
2011-01-14 Nick BowlerBind keypad enter properly in screen.
2010-10-21 Nick BowlerFix history search bindings for Colemak.
2010-09-24 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Use a sane date format for ls by default.
2010-07-22 Nick BowlerSet HISTSIZE to 10000.
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Add bindings for the FreeBSD console.
2010-01-21 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Add all-permissive license notice.
2010-01-21 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Cleanup.
2009-09-01 Nick Bowlerzshrc: Add locale settings.
2009-05-01 Nick BowlerFix prompt colouring when using SSH, broken by last...
2009-04-29 Nick BowlerUse zsh prompt escapes for colours.
2009-04-24 Nick BowlerAdd colour and interactivity aliases.
2009-04-24 Nick BowlerMerge config from original install.