2012-05-04 Nick Bowlertests: Test some corner cases of upkg_decode_index.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlermusic: Fix obvious use of uninitialized variable.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerupkg: Fix missing return statement.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for exporting individual objects.
2012-05-04 Nick Bowlerpalette: Clean up deserialize a bit.
2011-03-29 Nick Bowlerupkg: Handle errors from u_object_export_name.
2011-03-29 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print full object name when exporting.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerlicense: Make autotools stuff available under WTFPL2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowleruobject: Make interface functions take UObjects directly.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlermusic: Migrate to GOB2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowleruobject: Rename some interface-related identifiers.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlertexture: Migrate to GOB2.
2011-03-28 Nick Bowlerengine: Start using GOB2 to generate GObject classes.
2011-03-25 Nick Bowlerengine: Include object headers as <engine/xyz.h>.
2011-03-25 Nick Bowleruobject: Rename U_OBJECT_TYPE to U_TYPE_OBJECT.
2011-03-23 Nick Bowleruobject: Add initial support for object properties.
2011-03-22 Nick Bowlertexture: Add missing integer properties.
2011-03-22 Nick Bowleruobject: Add a helper function to load objects from...
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print object properties in info mode.
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlertexture: Fix typo in get_property.
2011-03-21 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print class name in listings.
2011-03-18 Nick Bowlerengine: Implement Engine.Palette.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add an option to list packages.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerlicense: Update copyright notices.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for querying specific objects.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Embed struct upkg into the private structure.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Don't access upkg_file's pkg member.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlermusic: Remove file member from private struct.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Remove the file parameter from deserialize.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Remove pkg_idx field.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Rename autogen.sh to bootstrap.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Use autoreconf for bootstrapping.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerbuild: Import libmodplug test macros from autoconf-dx.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Add missing header to Makefile.am.
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Split the upkg_export struct into public/priva...
2011-03-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Resolve hierarchical object references.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Make upkg_export_find less useless.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Simplify handling of format assertions.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add support for controlling which package is...
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerupkg: Improve error reporting during package load.
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlergnulib: Update to latest version.
2010-07-07 Nick Bowlerupkg: Update man page.
2010-07-07 Nick Bowlerengine: Define the exit method.
2010-04-27 Nick Bowlergnulib: Remove link-warning.h from repository.
2010-02-03 Nick Bowlerbuild: Abort configure if specified module library...
2010-02-03 Nick Bowlerupkg: Don't crash if the specified package does not...
2010-02-01 Nick Bowlermusic: Add simple file type detection to the dummy...
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlerupkg: Specify package files as options.
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlerupkg: Don't unref packages, since gobject does not...
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Add explicit conversions to stdio wrappers.
2010-01-31 Nick Bowlerbuild: Don't use a semicolon after sed's 't' command.
2009-12-08 Nick Bowlerpackage: Move package search code to the VFS.
2009-12-08 Nick Bowlerpackage: Make the VFS directly open the package file.
2009-12-07 Nick Bowlerpackage: Get rid of separate mechanisms for opening...
2009-12-07 Nick Bowlerbuild: Re-arrange CFLAGS/LDFLAGS a bit.
2009-12-07 Nick Bowlergnulib: Update to latest version.
2009-09-18 Nick Bowlerpack: Use a user-configurable macro to select 64 bit...
2009-09-18 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Remove checks for an unsigned quantity being...
2009-09-18 Nick Bowleruobject: Move source files into the uobject directory.
2009-09-18 Nick Bowlerupkg: Update verbosity behaviour for --info.
2009-09-16 Nick Bowlerpackage: Allow opening by filename in addition to packa...
2009-09-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Add a destructor that is called on package...
2009-09-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Parameterise I/O functions to allow custom...
2009-09-15 Nick Bowlerbuild: Pass PKGDATADIR to compiled sources.
2009-09-15 Nick Bowlerpackage: Add initial support for package search.
2009-09-15 Nick Bowlerpack: Relax licensing of integer serialisation routines.
2009-09-08 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add a simple man page.
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerupkg: Add license information to --version output.
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerlicense: Add permissive license to build related source...
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerlicense: Upgrade to GPL version 3 or later.
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add uobject/package.h to Makefile.am
2009-09-07 Nick Bowlerbuild: Automatically fetch Gnulib from git when running...
2009-08-28 Nick Bowlerbuild: Add libuobject.pc
2009-08-28 Nick Bowlerupkg: Support UOBJECT_MODULE_PATH to add library search...
2009-08-08 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'uobject' of git://git.draconx.ca/upkg...
2009-08-08 Nick Bowlerupkg: Print export flags.
2009-08-08 Nick Bowleruobject: Install modules to a more appropriate location.
2009-08-08 Nick BowlerDon't bail out if a read fails but there's still data...
2009-08-07 Nick Bowleruobject: Namespace changes.
2009-08-07 Nick Bowlermodule: Split out the GTypeModule subclass.
2009-08-04 Nick Bowlerpack: Fix signed unpacking to not modify the input.
2009-08-01 Nick Bowlerconfigure: add gthread support to glib.m4.
2009-08-01 Nick Bowleruobject: Don't expose symbols that don't start with...
2009-08-01 Nick Bowleruobject: remove pointless private module.h.
2009-07-24 Nick Bowleruobject: Add some descriptions of the loadable/exportab...
2009-07-24 Nick Bowleruobject: More namespace cleanups.
2009-07-24 Nick Bowleruobject: Clean up the module loader namespace.
2009-07-24 Nick Bowleruobject: Move headers into a separate (installable...
2009-07-20 Nick BowlerAdd all-permissive license to autoconf macros.
2009-07-19 Nick Bowleruobject: Split uobject stuff into its own library.
2009-07-19 Nick Bowlerconfigure: Implement glib checking macro that actually...
2009-07-17 Nick Bowleruobject: Take a package/index tuple instead of a upkg_f...
2009-07-17 Nick Bowlermusic: don't forget to propagate object finalize.
2009-07-16 Nick Bowlerlibupkg: Add signed integer unpacking to fix incorrect...
2009-07-16 Nick Bowlerbuild: Use automake silent rules.
2009-07-16 Nick Bowlerupkg: fix NULL dereference if upkg_export_class fails.
2009-07-14 Nick BowlerAdd copyright notices.
2009-07-14 Nick BowlerImplement support for libmodplug in Engine.Music.
2009-07-13 Nick Bowleruobject: Implement an interface for loading/unloading.
2009-07-13 Nick Bowlerupkg: Don't forget to close the opened export.