2021-04-27 Nick BowlerRelease 1.2. master v1.2
2021-04-27 Nick BowlerFix busted email link in README.
2021-04-27 Nick BowlerFix generation of slotifier.pot.
2021-04-15 Nick BowlerUse option generator script from dxcommon.
2021-04-15 Nick BowlerMinor updates to README.
2021-04-15 Nick BowlerExplicitly disable leak sanitizer in the testsuite.
2021-04-15 Nick BowlerFix inconsistent merging of asymmetric hole overlaps.
2021-04-15 Nick BowlerProperly return failure status from main.
2021-04-14 Nick BowlerFix crash when input has no holes.
2021-04-14 Nick BowlerFix radius/diameter confusion in overlap search.
2021-03-14 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon to pull in build portability improvements.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerRelease 1.1. v1.1
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerBundle scripts to help re-bootstrap the package.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon for DX_LINGUAS bug fixes.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerUse AC_CONFIG_HEADERS rather than AC_CONFIG_HEADER.
2021-02-14 Nick BowlerRelease 1. v1
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerAdd a README file.
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerDon't use gnulib gettext module.
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerEnsure INSTALL is packaged.
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerUse fix-gnulib's program integration.
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerGenerate ChangeLog from git at packaging time.
2019-01-06 Nick BowlerAdd configure test for slot support in libgerbv.
2019-01-06 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon for depfiles updates.
2018-12-20 Nick BowlerInitial commit