2021-07-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Add thumbnails to standalone recording menus. master
2021-07-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use embedded cover art.
2021-07-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Add MusicBrainz links for the current track.
2021-07-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Improve support for standalone recordings.
2021-07-25 Nick Bowlermpdthumb: Add support for embedded cover art.
2021-07-25 Nick Bowlermpdexec: Add "verbose" option to print commands sent...
2021-07-25 Nick Bowlermpdexec: Add support for readpicture command in downloa...
2021-07-22 Nick Bowlermpdthumb: Fix compatibility with newer MPD versions.
2021-01-05 Nick Bowlermpdreload: Handle playlist load errors better.
2021-01-05 Nick Bowlermpdreload: Fix batch deletion when there are still...
2020-06-19 Nick Bowlermpdthumb: Add --help and --version options.
2020-06-19 Nick Bowlermpdreload: Protocol optimizations.
2020-05-23 Nick Bowlermpdreload: Simplify script operation.
2020-05-23 Nick BowlerFix print_usage file handle in the perl scripts.
2020-05-06 Nick BowlerFactor out mpd_exec from some of the perl scripts.
2020-05-06 Nick BowlerFactor out MPD connection code.
2020-05-05 Nick BowlerFix quoting of single quotes in MPD protocol.
2019-12-20 Nick Bowlermpdreload: New script to refresh MPD play queue from...
2019-06-30 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Pass top menu name into submenu generation.
2019-06-30 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use MBIDs for track matching instead of name...
2019-06-30 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use MBIDs for artists instead of name matching.
2019-06-30 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use MBIDs for albums instead of name matching.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Restructure things a bit.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Retrieve cover art from MPD.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Factor out thumbnail generation.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use FindBin module to locate auxiliary scripts.
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerRelicense MPD scripts.
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerMPD script updates.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlerthumbnailer: Follow only one level of symbolic link.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlerscripts: Add copyright header to thumbnail.zsh.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Replace all uses of mpc with mpdexec.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use a specialized script to send playid comman...
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Add support for classical movements to the...
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use geeqie instead of gqview.
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerUse /usr/bin/env in zsh #! lines.
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerFix handling of & in FVWM menus.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: remove whitespace at end of lines.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: don't bail out when MPD doesn't give us a...
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlerscripts: remove hardcoded music directory from thumbnai...
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerUpdate thumbnail.zsh to use zsh conventions.
2019-06-29 Nick should be thumbnail.zsh.
2019-06-29 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use IO::Socket::INET6 to support IPv6 as well...
2019-06-29 Nick BowlerFix stuff for systems without bash as /bin/sh
2019-06-27 Nick BowlerFix mpdmenu to work with the new scripts directory.
2019-06-27 Nick BowlerMove scripts into their own subdirectory.
2019-06-27 Nick BowlerInitial Commit.