2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Correct EOF handling in lbx_file_read. master
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlertests: Add test for truncated archives.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove use of SEEK_CUR in the image reader.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove tell function from lbx_file_ops.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove declaration of lbx_mopen.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Add a hard check for image leadin versus frame...
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill lbx_img_getinfo
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Clean up embedded palette handling
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill the old LBX image API.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Render LBX directly to Cairo surfaces.
2014-01-31 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Use Cairo for drawing.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Fix uninitialized value warning in pipe_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Always return a value in file_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Improve error handling in lbx_file_seek.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlertests: Enable shell traces early in all scripts.
2014-01-28 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix management of external palette file handles.
2014-01-25 Nick Bowlertests: Allow custom test command wrappers
2014-01-25 Nick Bowlerdocs: Add palette information for the tanm_xxx animations.
2014-01-25 Nick Bowlerbuild: Remove call to AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR.
2014-01-25 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Convert to new decoding API.
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Implement new image reading API.
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Rename LBX_ENOENT to LBX_EINVAL.
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlertests: Source image header in a subshell.
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlertests: Add info on what each MOO2 image is actually...
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlertests: Zero out transparent pixels before calculating...
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlertests: Remove toplevel set -e usage.
2014-01-23 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Expose image lead-in in public struct.
2013-12-17 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix wart in frame scanline header format
2013-12-17 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Return failure if there was a decoding error.
2013-06-23 Nick Bowlertests: Migrate remaining regress.zsh tests to TAP.
2013-06-22 Nick Bowlertests: Migrate the mainmenu.lbx tests to the TAP system.
2013-06-22 Nick Bowlerbuild: Bump dxcommon for relevant fix-gnulib updates.
2013-06-22 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Fix framebuffer allocation for 0x0 images.
2013-06-22 Nick Bowlertests: Add a simple test to validate PAM output formats.
2013-06-19 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Add an option to control the output filenames.
2013-06-19 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Allow --identify as a long option.
2013-06-19 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix exit status in identify mode.
2013-06-19 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix --override long option.
2013-06-19 Nick Bowlertests: First stab at a proper test suite.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Make libpng a soft dependency.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Add support for Netpbm output.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Don't scale palette values internally.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix printf format string in identify mode.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Push no-palette mode down into the PNG writer.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Properly report errors in lbx_(img_)fopen.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Add a new PNG writing routine.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlertools: Add some smarter error printing routines.
2013-06-14 Nick Bowlertools: Move progname handling into a common source...
2013-03-23 Nick Bowlerbuild: Remove use of per-target CFLAGS.
2013-03-23 Nick Bowlerbuild: clean up XML -> C conversion.
2013-03-23 Nick Bowlerbuild: Flatten the build system.
2013-03-14 Nick Bowlerdocs: Add a more realistic statement about development...
2013-03-14 Nick Bowlerbuild: Integrate Gnulib non-recursively using fix-gnulib.
2013-03-12 Nick Bowlergnulib: Update to latest version.
2013-03-12 Nick Bowlerbuild: Fixes for newer tools.
2011-12-06 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update moo2-data.
2011-12-05 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Remove now-redundant fields from lbx_imginfo.
2011-12-05 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill the LBXimg typedef.
2011-12-05 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Start conversion of LBXimg to public/private...
2011-05-14 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill the LBX typedef.
2011-05-14 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Kill lbx_numfiles.
2011-05-14 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Start conversion to public/private structure...
2010-03-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Reset pkg_failed before checking pkg-config.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Namespace cleanup.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Fix an error handling regression.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Implement frame dropping for animation.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Use unconditional includes of <config.h>.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Implement improved error reporting mechanism.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Replace feof call with lbx_file_ops.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Reset EOF flag after a successful seek on a...
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Rename lbx_stat to lbx_file_stat.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Rename LBX_IMG to LBXimg.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Implement a better GTK+ detection macro.
2010-02-11 Nick Bowlerbuild: Split out core logic from libpng detection.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Fix pointer type error.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Compile in the glade UI description.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlicense: Fix copyright years in source files.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Add copyright notices.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update man pages to reflect reality.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Clean up option list.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Use the new lbximg_fopen interface.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Update lbximg_fopen to work like lbx_fopen.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Fix improper free.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbximg: Zero frame bitmap before use.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Add a toggle between patterned and solid backgr...
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Add a scrolled window around the image viewport.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Simplify image loading.
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Split frame rendering into a separate source...
2010-02-10 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Clean up function names and linkage.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Add interface to clear a combo box.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update moo2-data.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Add support for "chunked" images.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Add support for "raw" LBX images.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Make an effort to not leak resources.
2010-02-09 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Make transparent pixels more obvious.
2010-02-08 Nick Bowlerlbxgui: Don't use as much horizontal space in GUI.
2010-02-08 Nick Bowlerbuild: Update project dependencies.
2010-02-08 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update moo2-data.
2010-02-08 Nick Bowlerliblbx: Clear the image mask when backtracking frames.
2010-02-08 Nick Bowlerdoc: Update moo2-data.