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2021-06-15 Nick BowlerUse a denser style for gallery images.
2021-06-14 Nick BowlerSolar Eclipse in Ottawa on 2021-06-10.
2021-04-27 Nick BowlerRelease slotifier-1.2.
2021-03-14 Nick BowlerRelease cdecl99-1.1.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerRelease cdecl99-1.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerUse special SCSS comments for source and copyright...
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerConvert cdecl99 project page to use bundled
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerTry to allow word wrapping to occur in email addresses.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerConsolidate some clicky table label styles.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerEmbed SVG icons directly into output.
2021-02-19 Nick BowlerImprove styling of command examples.
2021-02-18 Nick BowlerImprove clicky table generation.
2021-02-17 Nick BowlerImplement sortable file listing tables.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerRelease slotifier-1.1.
2021-02-14 Nick BowlerRelease slotifier-1.
2021-02-13 Nick BowlerGenerate slotifier project page from bundled
2020-07-10 Nick BowlerFix media queries that disable justification.
2020-07-06 Nick BowlerLet's start a blog!
2020-06-26 Nick BowlerFirst stab at images and git-annex.
2020-06-21 Nick BowlerConvert stylesheet to SCSS and preprocess with SASS.
2020-06-19 Nick BowlerAdd project page for picard plugins.
2020-02-06 Nick BowlerUpdate gob-dx feature list.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerAdd a project page for gob-dx.
2019-02-16 Nick BowlerRemove dead definition list cruft.
2019-01-10 Nick BowlerTweak the footer styles a bit.
2019-01-10 Nick BowlerPut some actual material on the site.
2018-06-23 Nick BowlerAdd copyright license information.
2018-05-21 Nick BowlerAdd links from generated pages to source code on gitweb.
2018-05-13 Nick BowlerInitial commit