2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerdev-python/pygtk: Adapt to more python2 disabling. master
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerdev-python/pygobject: Adapt to more python2 disabling.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerdev-python/pycairo: Adapt to more python2 disabling.
2021-06-22 Nick Bowlerdev-python/python-musicbrainz-ngs: Drop package.
2021-03-10 Nick Bowlerx11-wm/fvwm: fixed prefix and man page installation.
2021-03-07 Nick Bowlerheirloom-devtools: Fix build on new glibc.
2021-02-17 Nick BowlerRemove sci-electronics/gerbv.
2021-02-02 Nick BowlerWork around python-r1 eclass dropping python2.
2021-02-02 Nick BowlerRemove media-gfx/uniconvertor.
2021-01-19 Nick Bowlerdev-util/dialog: bump to 1.3.20201126
2021-01-19 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/picard: fix Gentoo bug 760099 and cleanup.
2020-12-20 Nick Bowlerdev-python/pycairo: Punt USE=doc support.
2020-12-12 Nick Bowlerdev-util/lcov: Fix prefix installation.
2020-11-26 Nick Bowlermedia-plugins/gimp-resynthesizer: Update to work with...
2020-11-26 Nick BowlerResurrect dev-python/pygtk.
2020-11-05 Nick Bowlermedia-plugins/gimp-resynthesizer: Resurrect.
2020-08-29 Nick Bowlerxorg-x11: Sync with upstream.
2020-03-14 Nick BowlerReintroduce virtual/man which supports classic man.
2020-02-14 Nick Bowlerheirloom-devtools: Add -fpermissive to C++ flags.
2020-01-27 Nick Bowlerdev-python/python-musicbrainz-ngs: Fix examples install...
2019-05-16 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/picard: Bump to 2.1.3.
2019-03-28 Nick Bowlersci-electornics/gerbv: Bump to 2.7.0
2019-03-26 Nick Bowlersys-apps/man: Use absolute paths in makewhatis cron...
2019-02-16 Nick Bowlerpicard: bump to 2.1.2
2018-12-27 Nick Bowlersci-electronics/gerbv: New ebuild for gerbv 2.7-rc0.
2018-11-13 Nick Bowlersys-devel/heirloom-devtools: Build fix for modern glibc.
2018-11-11 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/picard: Bump and remove qtgui[accessibility...
2018-07-10 Nick Bowlersys-apps/man: Fix borken Gentoo man-1.6g-echo-escape...
2018-05-19 Nick Bowlerxorg-x11: Bump to match latest upstream.
2017-12-24 Nick BowlerBump uniconvertor to match latest upstream.
2017-12-16 Nick BowlerInitial commit