2021-06-29 Nick Bowlerapp-misc/mnemosyne: Bump and update PYTHON_COMPAT. master
2021-06-29 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/regainer: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2021-06-29 Nick Bowlerapp-portage/squashmirror: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2021-06-25 Nick Bowlerapp-text/pdfjam-extras: New package.
2021-06-24 Nick Bowlerapp-portage/nullsync: update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlergimp-python et al: Avoid python-exec dependency.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerapp-doc/opengl-manpages: Bump to latest.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerdev-util/cdecl99: Bump to version 1.1.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlersci-electronics/slotifier: Bump to version 1.2.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlersys-libs/lrmi: Remove package.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerx11-apps/dragon: Fix ebuild copyright.
2021-06-23 Nick Bowlerapp-text/mathml2: Rewrite of mathml-xml-dtd.
2021-06-22 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/regainer: Remove old.
2021-06-22 Nick Bowlergames-engines/onscripter-en: Update to work with latest...
2021-06-22 Nick Bowlersys-apps/vbetest: Update to work with latest gentoo...
2021-06-22 Nick Bowlergames-strategy/uplink: Update to work with latest gento...
2021-05-16 Nick BowlerRemove some old games ebuilds.
2021-05-16 Nick Bowlergames-strategy/moo2-data: Update for games.eclass removal.
2021-05-07 Nick Bowlersci-electronics/lepton-eda: Bump to version 1.9.14_p202...
2021-05-07 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for x11-libs/gtkextra.
2021-03-11 Nick Bowlerapp-text/xpdf-3.04: Fix SRC_URI and prefixed installation.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for cdecl99.
2021-02-17 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for slotifier.
2021-02-02 Nick BowlerWork around python-r1 eclass dropping python2.
2021-01-19 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/regainer: Remove old.
2021-01-19 Nick Bowlernet-misc/caa-fetcher: Remove old.
2021-01-19 Nick Bowlerapp-misc/mnemosyne: Bump and remove old.
2021-01-07 Nick Bowlerdev-ruby/fastimage: Bump and update USE_RUBY.
2021-01-02 Nick Bowlerx11-libs/gdk-pixbuf-loader-webp: Bump to 0.0.2.
2020-12-31 Nick Bowlerdev-util/qcachegrind: Add qtwidgets:5 dependency.
2020-12-28 Nick Bowlerdev-util/qcachegrind: Update to EAPI 7.
2020-12-25 Nick Bowlermedia-fonts/mplus-t-fonts: Update for new python eclasses.
2020-12-20 Nick Bowlernet-misc/caa-fetcher: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-12-19 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/regainer: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-12-19 Nick Bowlerapp-portage/squashmirror: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-12-17 Nick BowlerAdd sys-apps/lcdtest ebuild.
2020-12-15 Nick Bowlerapp-portage/nullsync: update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-11-26 Nick BowlerAdd media-plugins/gimp-python to maintain python suppor...
2020-08-29 Nick Bowlermedia-sound/regainer: Version bump.
2020-08-09 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for lepton-eda.
2020-08-09 Nick Bowlernet-p2p/ipfilter: version bump.
2020-06-24 Nick Bowlerfastimage: Bump and update USE_RUBY.
2020-06-19 Nick BowlerAdd x11-apps/dragon ebuild.
2020-05-23 Nick Bowlernullsync: update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-05-23 Nick Bowlersquashmirror: update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-05-21 Nick Bowlercaa-fetcher: Bump and update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-05-08 Nick Bowlerregainer: Bump and update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2020-04-18 Nick Bowlergdk-pixbuf-loader-webp: New ebuild for released version...
2020-04-10 Nick BowlerAdd dev-embedded/teensy_loader_cli ebuild.
2020-04-10 Nick Bowlernet-p2p/ipfilter: version bump.
2020-02-13 Nick Bowlernet-p2p/ipfilter: bump to V1821.
2020-01-25 Nick Bowlerapp-text/docbook-mathml-dtd: Rewrite ebuild.
2019-05-16 Nick Bowlerevolution-mapi: Bump to version 3.30.5
2019-05-08 Nick Bowlercaa-fetcher: version bump
2019-05-07 Nick BowlerAdd net-p2p/ipfilter ebuild.
2019-04-19 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for image-id.
2019-04-05 Nick Bowlerevolution-mapi: Fix compatibility with libical-3
2019-03-28 Nick Bowlerevolution-mapi: Bump and remove old.
2019-03-27 Nick Bowlermplus-t-fonts: Update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2019-03-27 Nick Bowlerapp-misc/mnemosyne: Remove old.
2019-02-19 Nick Bowlerdev-ruby/fastimage: New package
2018-12-01 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild for caa-fetcher
2018-11-01 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Bump to version 2.6.
2018-09-26 Nick BowlerUpdate portage sync modules for new python.
2018-09-26 Nick Bowlerregainer: Bump and update PYTHON_COMPAT.
2018-09-26 Nick Bowlerqcachegrind: Enable build for Qt5.
2018-08-09 Nick BowlerPunt qtmotifextension.
2018-06-05 Nick BowlerAdd ebuilds for ypbind.
2018-01-31 Nick Bowlermplus-t-fonts: Add ~arm keywords
2018-01-29 Nick Bowlermplus-t-fonts: Update for newer fontforge.
2018-01-12 Nick BowlerAdd regainer ebuild.
2017-12-28 Nick Bowlersquashmirror: Add dep on sys-fs/squashfs-tools.
2017-12-16 Nick BowlerRemove xorg-x11
2017-12-16 Nick BowlerUpdate portage sync modules for new python.
2017-07-14 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Bump to version 2.5.
2017-04-22 Nick BowlerAdd mosys ebuild.
2017-04-02 Nick Bowlerapp-portage/nullsync: Version bump.
2016-11-08 Nick Bowlertrine-bin: Remove.
2016-06-07 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Bump to version 2.3.6
2016-04-13 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Bump to version 2.3.5
2016-04-06 Nick BowlerRemove libdrm.
2016-03-23 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Bump to version 2.3.4.
2016-01-21 Nick BowlerAdd nullsync ebuild.
2016-01-21 Nick BowlerAdd notmuchfs ebuild.
2016-01-21 Nick BowlerAdd ebuilds for libmapi and evolution-mapi.
2016-01-21 Nick BowlerAdd GPL-3 text.
2015-09-26 Nick BowlerAdd squashmirror ebuild.
2015-09-06 Nick BowlerAdd ps2emu ebuild.
2015-09-06 Nick Bowlermoo2-data: Update for latest GOG bits.
2015-06-23 Nick Bowlerxpdf: minor updates.
2015-04-30 Nick BowlerAdd ebuild to generate M+ terminal fonts.
2015-04-28 Nick BowlerAdd onscripter-en ebuild.
2015-04-28 Nick Bowlermnemosyne: Version bump.
2015-04-28 Nick BowlerRemove emul bits.
2015-04-28 Nick BowlerRemove media-sound/mpc.
2015-04-28 Nick BowlerUpdate moo2-data ebuild for gog updates.
2015-04-28 Nick BowlerAdd mnemosyne ebuild.
2015-04-13 Nick Bowleruplink: Patch up binaries to remove bundled libs.
2014-12-10 Nick Bowlerxpdf: Version bump.
2014-12-10 Nick BowlerSet md5-cache metadata format.