2021-05-09 Nick BowlerSet GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 master
2019-04-21 Nick BowlerMPD script updates.
2019-03-17 Nick BowlerAdd alastor configuration.
2017-10-27 Nick BowlerImprove wallpaper menu generation.
2017-10-20 Nick Bowlerthumbnailer: Follow only one level of symbolic link.
2015-04-09 Nick BowlerFix resize.sh to work in dash.
2014-08-03 Nick BowlerSwitch XChat to HexChat in amythaon root menu.
2014-08-03 Nick BowlerSwitch XChat to HexChat in artemis root menu.
2014-08-03 Nick BowlerUpdate emergent root menu.
2013-08-20 Nick Bowlerxaspect: Relicense as WTFPL2.
2013-08-20 Nick Bowlerbindings: Improve titlebar mouse bindings.
2013-08-20 Nick Bowlerscripts: Add copyright header to thumbnail.zsh.
2012-11-10 Nick BowlerSet BusyCursor False in all contexts.
2012-03-21 Nick BowlerFix window positioning in Mega Fullscreen.
2012-03-20 Nick BowlerDon't lock the screen on a double scroll lock.
2012-02-26 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Replace all uses of mpc with mpdexec.
2012-02-26 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use a specialized script to send playid comman...
2011-03-03 Nick Bowlerbindings: Use scroll lock to lock the screen.
2011-03-02 Nick Bowlerbindings: Kill the globalbinds Nop entries.
2010-11-11 Nick Bowlerapp-specific: Add style for easytag.
2010-11-10 Nick Bowlerxaspect: Fix linker invocation in makefile.
2010-11-09 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Add support for classical movements to the...
2010-11-03 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use geeqie instead of gqview.
2010-10-08 Nick BowlerImprove Mega Fullscreen mode.
2010-10-06 Nick BowlerAdd key binding support for Colemak.
2010-05-17 Nick Bowlergtk2rc: Use Tango icon theme.
2010-05-17 Nick Bowleramythaon: New host config.
2010-05-17 Nick Bowlerfullscreen: Raise window after un-fullscreening.
2010-05-17 Nick Bowlerwindowmenu: Make it possible to unstick windows.
2009-11-17 Nick Bowleremergent: Update base struts.
2009-11-12 Nick Bowlerxaspect: Add copyright notice.
2009-11-12 Nick Bowleremergent: Update MUSIC.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerBind key XF86Standby to screen locker.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerReplace firefox menu item with icecat.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerMove finial's config to emergent.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerAdd a sticky option to the window menu.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerUse plain urxvt for FvwmConsole.
2009-11-12 Nick BowlerUpdate app-specific configuration.
2009-07-15 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of /var/git/fvwmconf
2009-07-15 Nick BowlerUse trayer instead of xfce4-panel.
2009-04-26 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.draconx.ca/fvwmconf
2009-04-26 Nick BowlerUse xfce4-panel --exit instead of kill and pgrep to...
2009-04-26 Nick BowlerUpdate atropos' root menu.
2009-04-26 Nick BowlerUpdate aphrodite's root menu.
2009-01-12 Nick BowlerMerge commit 'origin/master'
2009-01-12 Nick BowlerAdd "mega" fullscreen.
2008-12-11 Nick BowlerSpawn the FvwmCommandS module.
2008-12-10 Nick BowlerAdjust wallpaper menu formatting.
2008-11-06 Nick BowlerAdd specific gtk2rc for atropos.
2008-11-06 Nick BowlerIgnore num lock and scroll lock for bindings.
2008-11-06 Nick BowlerAdd wallpaper setting to SessionInitFunction as well...
2008-11-06 Nick BowlerUse /usr/bin/env in zsh #! lines.
2008-08-31 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.draconx.ca/fvwmconf
2008-08-31 Nick BowlerAdd aphrodite
2008-08-25 Nick BowlerFix handling of & in FVWM menus.
2008-08-19 Nick BowlerAdd a simple window selector menu.
2008-08-19 Nick BowlerExplicitly specify window menu location.
2008-08-02 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2008-07-31 Nick BowlerAdd some more app specific stuff.
2008-07-31 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2008-07-31 Nick BowlerChange default placement strategy to MinOverlapPlacement
2008-07-22 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Update title menu cases.
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of atropos:.fvwm
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerFont: use "Meiryo Short" instead of "M+1P+IPAG".
2008-06-01 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: remove whitespace at end of lines.
2008-06-01 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: don't bail out when MPD doesn't give us a...
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerSelect a random wallpaper if none is set explicitly.
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.draconx.com/fvwmconf
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerAdd random background selector script.
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerExtend xaspect to support showing screen dimensions...
2008-06-01 Nick BowlerAdd GTK theme.
2008-05-30 Nick Bowlerscripts: remove hardcoded music directory from thumbnai...
2008-05-29 Nick Bowlerxaspect: remove redundant 8:5 aspect and add 8:3 instead.
2008-05-28 Nick BowlerUpdate thumbnail.zsh to use zsh conventions.
2008-05-28 Nick Bowlerthumbnail.sh should be thumbnail.zsh.
2008-05-28 Nick Bowlermpdmenu: Use IO::Socket::INET6 to support IPv6 as well...
2008-05-21 Nick BowlerMerge git://git.draconx.com/fvwmconf
2008-05-21 Nick BowlerAdd input method environment variables.
2008-05-20 Nick BowlerFix deprecated use of EdgeResistance.
2008-05-20 Nick BowlerAdd make clean to scripts/C.
2008-05-20 Nick BowlerFullscreen key should be Control+F10, not just F10.
2008-05-20 Nick BowlerAdd some app-specific settings.
2008-05-20 Nick BowlerDefault to atropos's config if no host-specific config...
2008-05-14 Nick BowlerRemove MenuGames from finial's root menu.
2008-05-14 Nick BowlerAdd configuration for finial.
2008-05-12 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'master' of git://git.draconx.com/fvwmconf
2008-05-11 Nick BowlerUpdate style of menu titlebars.
2008-05-08 Nick BowlerFix stuff for systems without bash as /bin/sh
2008-05-08 Nick BowlerAdd clean target to C tools makefile.
2008-05-07 Nick BowlerAdd a binding to open a featureless shell for emergency...
2008-05-05 Nick BowlerFix scripts/bgmenu.sh to use both zsh and the aspect...
2008-05-05 Nick BowlerUpdate config to use $HOME for terminal emulator.
2008-04-28 Nick BowlerAdd a C tool to determine the physical aspect ratio...
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerAdd .FvwmConsole-History to .gitignore
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerFix mpdmenu to work with the new scripts directory.
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerKeep track of wallpaper settings in a new .state directory.
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerMove scripts into their own subdirectory.
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerMove the rootmenu to the machine-specific directories.
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerSplit the .fvwm directory into global, common, and...
2008-04-20 Nick BowlerImplement support for fullscreening applications.