2021-03-14 Nick BowlerUpdate some copyright years. master
2021-03-10 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Fix order-only hack with HP-UX make.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerFix glconfig depfiles generation with non-GNU makes.
2021-03-09 Nick BowlerAvoid nonportable ${x##y} substitutions in program...
2021-03-09 Nick BowlerFix DX_COMMAND_OUTPUT backslash-newline on heirloom-sh.
2021-03-09 Nick BowlerAvoid nonportable ${x%%y} substitutions in DX_LINGUAS.
2021-03-09 Nick BowlerAllow testsuite to run configure with alternate shells.
2021-03-07 Nick BowlerFix Autotest depfiles generation with non-GNU makes.
2021-03-06 Nick BowlerFix off-by-one error in gen-options.awk.
2021-03-06 Nick BowlerFix DX_BASEDIR substitution test.
2021-03-02 Nick BowlerAdd script for generating miscellaneous string tables.
2021-02-26 Nick BowlerAdd a script for generating getopt_long option tables.
2021-02-26 Nick BowlerInclude ${top_srcdir} in substituted DX_BASEDIR.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerAdd a basic usage test for DX_LINGUAS.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerFix multiple language substitution in DX_LINGUAS.
2021-02-15 Nick BowlerFix redundant MOFILES entries computed by DX_LINGUAS.
2021-01-24 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Unbreak symbol renaming feature.
2021-01-23 Nick BowlerAdd AC_CANONICAL_HOST to configure.ac.
2021-01-23 Nick BowlerAdd Bison-related configure tests.
2020-02-12 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Improvements for program-only packages.
2020-02-08 Nick BowlerTry an additional workaround for GLib inline issue.
2020-02-08 Nick BowlerImprove distribution of Autotest testsuite dependencies.
2020-02-07 Nick BowlerImprove GLib probe against old GLib versions.
2020-02-05 Nick BowlerAdd flex detection macro.
2020-01-31 Nick BowlerFix comment typo in DX_PROG_GOB2 implementation.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerAdd GOBject Builder detection macro.
2020-01-27 Nick BowlerAdd configure as a prerequisite for Autotest package.m4.
2019-06-01 Nick BowlerAdd library test for libdiscid
2019-02-23 Nick BowlerImport and adapt GLib test macros from upkg.
2019-02-23 Nick BowlerApply AS_TR_SH to variable names in library helpers.
2019-02-23 Nick BowlerNormalize whitespace on detected library flags.
2019-01-06 Nick BowlerFix depfiles compatibility with modern Automake.
2018-12-20 Nick BowlerAdd simple detection macros for libcneartree and libgerbv.
2018-01-25 Nick BowlerFix underquoting issue in DX_DO.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerAdd libevdev detection macro.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerImport libmodplug detection from upkg.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerFix testsuite VPATH builds.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerEnsure that all testsuite dependencies are distributed.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerFix testsuite issues caught by distcheck.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerMove Autotest makefile bits into includable snippet.
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerUpdate DX_COMMAND_OUTPUT to handle newlines and backsla...
2017-06-28 Nick BowlerImport integer packing library.
2015-04-19 Nick BowlerFix DX_BASEDIR hoisting problems in base.m4.
2015-04-19 Nick BowlerFix distribution of dx-stamp.m4.
2015-04-19 Nick Bowlerfix-ltdl: Fix order-only hack with FreeBSD make.
2015-04-19 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Fix order-only hack with FreeBSD make.
2015-04-19 Nick BowlerImplement initial test suite.
2014-08-29 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Eliminate dependency on List::Compare.
2014-06-09 Nick BowlerImport GTK2 detection macro.
2014-06-09 Nick BowlerAdd libpng detection macro.
2013-06-21 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Improve filename mangling.
2013-03-13 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Add a call to AC_CONFIG_LIBOBJ_DIR
2013-03-12 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Strip out useless SUFFIXES assignments.
2013-01-08 Nick BowlerAdd some backwards-compatibility helpers for silent...
2012-12-05 Nick BowlerFix DX_EXPORTED_SH to AC_SUBST required variables.
2012-08-29 Nick Bowlerexported.sh: Improve error handling.
2012-08-18 Nick BowlerImport exported.sh from cdecl99.
2012-07-28 Nick BowlerImport gettext m4/automake bits from cdecl99.
2012-07-24 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Handle MOSTLYCLEANDIRS.
2012-05-12 Nick Bowlerfix-ltdl: Move all convenience libs to EXTRA_LTLIBRARIE...
2012-05-11 Nick Bowlerfix-ltdl: Delete libobj symlink before attempting to...
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerfix-ltdl: New script to fix up nonrecursive libltdl.
2012-05-10 Nick Bowlerfix-gnulib: Fix up $(MKDIR_P) paths as well.
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerMerge branch 'fix-gnulib' of /home/nbowler/projects...
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerInitial commit
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerBetter document fix-gnulib.
2012-05-09 Nick BowlerMake fix-gnulib only need a single output file.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerSimplify glconfig include mechanism.
2011-10-23 Nick BowlerMangle spliced makefile lines in Gnulib correctly.
2011-09-22 Nick BowlerAvoid gratuitous library dependencies linking gnulib.
2011-09-22 Nick BowlerRewrite Gnulib symbols to be in libcdecl's namespace.
2011-09-21 Nick BowlerSplit gnulib_headers into 3 variables.
2011-09-21 Nick BowlerMove all Gnulib CLEANFILES variables to the end of...
2011-09-21 Nick BowlerHandle gl_LIBOBJS/gl_LTLIBOBJS correctly.
2011-09-21 Nick BowlerEliminate use of BUILT_SOURCES from Gnulib.
2011-09-21 Nick BowlerIntegrate Gnulib non-recursively.