2021-08-13 Nick BowlerMake library i18n init conditional on NLS support. master
2021-08-13 Nick BowlerInclude glthread headers late.
2021-03-14 Nick BowlerRelease 1.1. v1.1
2021-03-14 Nick BowlerImprove cdecl99 error output.
2021-03-14 Nick BowlerRework library error reporting.
2021-03-12 Nick BowlerGenerate specifier strings directly from cdecl.h
2021-03-12 Nick BowlerRestructure the type specifier check.
2021-03-12 Nick BowlerHand-code the normalized specifier ordering.
2021-03-11 Nick BowlerAvoid a couple warnings reported by gcc.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerReplace with a new and improved script.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerFix configuration with heirloom-sh.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerMinor portability improvements.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerWork around designated initializer bug on HP-UX cc.
2021-03-10 Nick BowlerFix empty and help commands causing program exit.
2021-03-07 Nick BowlerMinor manual updates.
2021-03-05 Nick BowlerAdd configure option to disable readline.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerFix testcase compilation with --disable-shared.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerRelease 1. v1
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerUse common strtab generator for error strings.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerConsolidate header files.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerUse gperf to implement command selection.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerUse the newly-minted option generator script from dxcommon.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerAdd a couple more positive tests.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerImprove usage messages a bit.
2021-03-03 Nick BowlerGive better errors when flex/bison are unavailable.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerBundle scripts to help re-bootstrap the package.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerUse AC_CONFIG_HEADERS rather than AC_CONFIG_HEADER.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerEnsure INSTALL is packaged.
2021-02-24 Nick BowlerRework the README.
2021-02-23 Nick BowlerGenerate ChangeLog from git at packaging time.
2021-02-23 Nick BowlerBump gnulib to latest.
2021-02-23 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon to pull in DX_LINGUAS fixes.
2021-01-24 Nick BowlerFix Gnulib integration issues.
2021-01-23 Nick BowlerFix build with new Bison versions.
2020-07-04 Nick BowlerFix use-after-free during parser error recovery.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerPort random crossparse test to Autotest.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerAdd better --help text to the test programs.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerPort randomdecl sanity test to Autotest.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerFix parsing of int (x*).
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerConvert invalid declaration test to Autotest.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerBegin converting testsuite to Autotest.
2020-07-03 Nick BowlerOutput copyright symbol directly, rather than via trans...
2019-01-06 Nick BowlerUpdate .gitignore.
2019-01-06 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon for depfiles updates.
2014-08-29 Nick BowlerBump gnulib for gettext updates.
2014-08-29 Nick BowlerBump dxcommon for fix-gnulib updates.
2013-01-09 Nick BowlerFix silent-rules alignment in Automake 1.12.
2012-12-06 Nick BowlerUpdate .gitignore for Automake-1.12.
2012-12-06 Nick BowlerMove GLOBAL_SYMBOL_PIPE definition into dxcommon code.
2012-08-30 Nick BowlerAdd basic readline history support.
2012-08-29 Nick BowlerWork around breakage caused by newer Bison versions.
2012-08-29 Nick BowlerDon't allow restrict-qualified pointers to functions.
2012-08-29 Nick BowlerUpdate dxcommon to latest version.
2012-08-18 Nick BowlerAdd missing test script to the distribution.
2012-08-18 Nick BowlerUpdate dxcommon to get its version of
2012-08-15 Nick BowlerWorkaround Gentoo's silly Automake wrapper in bootstrap.
2012-08-15 Nick BowlerPrevent gratuitous Automake failures.
2012-07-28 Nick BowlerMove some gettext bits to dxcommon.
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerAdd copyright header to bootstrap.
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerImprove bootstrap error messages.
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerBring in fix-gnulib from a submodule.
2012-05-10 Nick BowlerBetter document fix-gnulib.
2012-05-09 Nick BowlerMake fix-gnulib only need a single output file.
2012-05-03 Nick BowlerTest invalid English declarations as well.
2012-03-28 Nick BowlerTest more bogus declarations.
2012-03-24 Nick BowlerAdd a check to reject extra specifiers on void function...
2012-03-23 Nick BowlerAdd a simple test to check if cdecl99 rejects bogus...
2012-03-19 Nick BowlerActually generate (void) function parameter lists in...
2012-03-19 Nick BowlerAdd a sanity test for randomdecl.
2012-03-18 Nick BowlerAdd an English output mode to randomdecl.
2012-03-18 Nick BowlerUnbreak random array declarators.
2012-03-18 Nick BowlerFix bogus switch cases in declgen.
2012-03-03 Nick BowlerBatch up crossparse tests to improve performance.
2012-03-03 Nick BowlerFree memory in randomdecl.
2012-03-03 Nick BowlerDon't generate invalid void function parameters in...
2012-03-03 Nick BowlerAdd a test case to check if libcdecl can parse its...
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAvoid recursively calling glthread_once in error init.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAdd a test case to verify symbol prefixes.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerFix libtest dependencies.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerSimplify glconfig include mechanism.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAdd missing test files to the distribution.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAdd more missing source files to the distribution.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerMark dist hooks as phony.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAvoid per-target CFLAGS (for now).
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerFix GSL detection when using the default --with-gsl...
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerFix "make dist" permissions when using a read-only...
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerProperly describe several files in
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerFix distribution of missing config header.
2012-03-01 Nick BowlerAdd a tool to generate random declarations.
2012-02-25 Nick BowlerTry to fix explanations of "child" declarators in the...
2012-02-25 Nick BowlerFix spacing after qualified pointers when rendering...
2012-02-25 Nick BowlerAdd note about old-style function declarations to the...
2012-02-25 Nick BowlerMake is_abstract a proper library function.
2012-02-25 Nick BowlerReduce "set +x" noise in (un)install targets.
2011-11-20 Nick BowlerGenerate the specifier switch statement automatically.
2011-11-20 Nick BowlerSeparate specifier handling from the output routines.
2011-10-23 Nick BowlerUse #n in strtab.sed.
2011-10-23 Nick BowlerMake CDECL_SPEC_TYPE non-zero.
2011-10-23 Nick BowlerUpdate Gnulib to latest version.
2011-10-23 Nick BowlerMangle spliced makefile lines in Gnulib correctly.